For those readers who are not familiar with Colorado Wine Country, several areas in western Colorado offer a mesoclimate and alkaline soils conducive to the growing of self-rooted vinifera grapes.  According to Dr. Richard Smart, a world-known viticultural consultant who has visited the area, the climate of the Grand Junction area during the growing season closely approximates LaMancha in Spain and the climate of Paonia closely approximates the Yakima Valley in Washington state.  Both of these established wine-growing regions are noted for their outstanding red and white wines. My analysis in Colorado Terroir presents a case for considering Colorado to have premium winegrowing areas.

Colorado offers a challenging climate to grow winegrapes due to its continental climate.  The Rocky Mountain Assocation of Vintners and Viticulturists provides educational materials for Colorado wineries and grape growers. See also Vineyard Aspect Selection In Colorado.

As a result of the unordinary Colorado terroir, the grapes from Colorado offer specific challenges to the winemaker who is looking to create premium wines. Please read our Recommended Winemaking and Winegrowing Practices With Colorado Grapes For Premium Wines.